About Me

I enjoy solving problems for people using the power of computing, and I am interested in making a positive impact on the world through innovation and entrepreneurship. Thus I spend my time finding and trying to solve problems for people using state-of-the-art software tools. I strive to have an entrepreneurial mindset while developing software: empathize with users, clearly define problems, comprehend user feedback, and recognize opportunities for wealth creation - so as to yield maximum impact for effort.

Currently, I am working with my friends, colleagues, and connections on 2 mobile app projects, via an open-to-all learning-by-doing initiative that I have started. If you'd like to join in, make sure to watch GDG Chapel Hill's Roadmap for Fall 2020 video here, where I've explained my initiative.

My academic areas of interest include Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Web and Mobile App Development, IoT, and Robotics. I have built useful projects in all of these areas. I am currently a senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Entrepreneurship.

Experience and Education

May 2021

Software Development Intern

I am working at Citrix Systems, Inc. as a software development intern for Summer 2021! Learning a lot about building great software through this amazing opportunity.

Nov 2020

Joined the Shuford Program

I applied for, and got accepted into the highly selective Shuford Program for a Minor in Entrepreneurship at UNC-Chapel Hill! According to UNC, it is the only undergraduate entrepreneurship program in the country that is housed within a College of Arts and Sciences, which allows a diversity of thought and perspectives from many different majors across the College.

Jun 2020

Virtual Tech Camp Instructor

I interned as an online instructor at iD Tech Camps for two months, where I provided top-notch STEM education by teaching Java, Minecraft Modding, Python for Data Science, and C++.

Nov 2019

Started GDG Chapel Hill

When I came to Chapel Hill, I found that there were very few avenues outside of UNC's campus to connect with the developer community. I figured there will be many in Chapel Hill wanting a community experience like many cities with big tech companies do - regular events on the latest and greatest tech tools, a supportive environment where people help boost each other's careers, the list goes on! I found that Google Developers had a global program for just that! In no time, I applied for the GDG program with a friend of mine, and got our chapter up and running!

Aug 2019

Joined UNC-Chapel Hill

At UNC, not only have I gained cutting-edge technical knowledge and interacted with world-class professors in the field of Computer Science, I will also be forever grateful for the Liberal Arts Education that I have received. It has been nothing short of an eye-opening experience, and has given me a new way to percieve the world.

Global BizConnect Logo
May 2019

Full-Stack PHP Web Developer Intern

I interned for two months at Global BizConnect, a tech startup in my hometown of Vadodara, India that focuses on web development for small businesses. There, I got to build two websites from scratch using PHP and MySQL to add to the company's portfolio - an e-learning website, and a job portal.

July 2018

Promoted to Project Team

In my sophomore year at VIT university, I was promoted to be a part of the project team at the ISA-VIT student chapter. There, I collaborated with other members by helping organize technical workshops, even lectured in some of those workshops, and also took part on behalf of the chapter in national-level hackathons.

Nov 2017

Joined ISA-VIT Chapter

At the end of my first semester at VIT university, I decided that I wanted to join a technical chapter on campus. I found out about ISA and the amazing work on Robotics and IoT that they had been doing, and immediately applied. A technical exam, three Group Discussion rounds, and an interview later, I became a core committee member! ISA-VIT became like a family away from home for me. During my first semester at ISA-VIT, I did extensive door-to-door marketing work, helping the chapter gain about 25 registrations by for their annual technical mega-fest, SPARK 2018.

Jul 2017

CSE at VIT University

I started my undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering at Vellore Institute of Technology, a famous university in the city of Vellore, India. At VIT, I developed great friendships, excelled in my academics, had tons of fun, won a hackathon, and finished in the top 10 in academics at the end of the second year.

Jun 2017

Graduated High School

I spent all of my childhood, from kindergarten to finishing my high school education, at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's, a famous school in the city of Vadodara, India. This school has given me unforgettable memories, and friendships that I will cherish for a lifetime.

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