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🕒 June 23 - 27, 2023 | I/O Connect was a blast to attend. Learned a lot about up-and-coming tech in the ML and AI space: talks on Google MediaPipe and Vertex AI, a Workshop on PaLM API, 1-on-1s with Googlers, and more!
🕒 Apr 28, 2021 | ECON325: "What I learned" Video
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🕒 April 1, 2021 | Announcing my Android workshop at GDG Chapel Hill
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🕒 September 21, 2020 | Launching the Community Projects Initiative @ GDG Chapel Hill!
🌟 If you are new to this initiative, click here: Watch this video!
🙌 If you are interested in contributing to the projects that this community is undertaking, click here: Join our Discord!
👇 Please scroll down to read all about this initiative and the projects currently on hand!

🕒 August 30, 2020 | FAQs from the Community Projects Initiative Orientation event @ GDG Chapel Hill

Below you will find some of the questions that were asked during the orientation event. I have elaborated on some answers to provide more details.

We will primarily use these 3 platforms: Google Meet, Discord, GitHub.
I am currently designing the Discord server. There will be a Discord Guidelines presentation on Saturday, September 5, 2020. Attendees will get access to the Discord server.
  1. Members are encouraged to come up with fresh ideas.
  2. Members are encouraged to discuss, add to, suggest additional features for all the ideas and help refine them.
  3. Well-defined, thoroughly researched, and well documented project ideas can be submitted to see if it merits consideration for possible implementation.
  4. If a project idea is promising, it will be approved for an initial presentation to be done by the person(s) who came up with that idea.
  5. The presentation will be evaluated by our advisor (Dr. Stefan Jeglinski, Physics Department at UNC-CH) and the community leaders. Plus, the opinion and feedback of all the community members will be considered to make the final decision.
  6. Upon getting the approval for going ahead with the implementation, the requisite channels dedicated to the project will be created on Discord.

The above process has been created to ensure that the most impactful, innovative, well-researched, and deserving projects are undertaken by the community over and above the three that we will start working on soon.

Ideally, I think the number of team participants should not be limited. This I say due to the presence of beginners amongst our community. In the future, if we happen to be in a happy position of having many experienced contributors in the community as well as additional fresh curated project ideas to initiate formation of one or more new teams, we will do so.

At the moment though, we are just beginning and all that we are aware of at the moment for sure is the number of persons who have shown initial interest:

Project Participants
ContApp 15
Newstopia 25
PiVision 45

Eventually, when we begin working/coding on these projects, I expect the numbers to reduce. Hopefully, that will not be the case.

As already mentioned earlier, irrespective of whether you are a beginner or an experienced programmer, we will be expecting contributions. Piggyback riders/free-riders will obviously not be first in line for fresh task allocations. So, commitment to the team's cause and consistent participation will be necessary. This is why, I think in the long run, we can expect a smaller and more manageable group of well-integrated people working per project.

A completed project at the campus level is far from being labelled a successful project. In fact it is just the start of its journey towards being successful. All of the projects that we are going to work on will typically have the potential of becoming great commercial products/services when introduced to the real world.

So there is the possibility that if we work hard as a team we can manage to reach a juncture where we actually consider forming a team of skillful individuals who wish to take the adventurous route and be a part of a startup venture.

So, personally I would like to say yes to that, however my aim is to keep the process of decision making democratized. The teams that work on projects will eventually decide on this important aspect.

Even to think about and contemplate the below given things excites me no end:

  • Registering a company
  • Who all wish to continue with the team/company
  • What will be the structure of the business?
  • Who will fund the projects till it starts generating sufficient revenues?

And there are many other questions that will need to be answered before we actually decide on the future of these projects. Till such time we reach there, let us all enjoy the ride and learn along the way.

Since all three projects are still in the conceptual stage, yes, you can. I would still recommend attending the project presentations before deciding about switching. Once you get to know about the projects in greater detail, you can make a better informed decision. If at that time you are convinced about wanting to change, go ahead and send an email to

Later though, after you have already joined a project and have committed to the team, and work has already been initiated, it will be that much more difficult. Factors like your continued contributions, whether you can actually provide more time to justify being in two teams without being a piggyback rider and also the composition and opinion of team leaders on the two teams in question will all influence the decision.

Having said all that, you can always send in a request to

🕒 August 10, 2020

Since you're here, you'd have probably watched my video describing this open-to-all learning-by-doing initiative at GDG Chapel Hill. Thank you for your interest in collaborating with a worldwide community of developers joining forces to work on three exciting projects. Here is a brief description of the 3 projects we will be working on:

  1. ContApp: ContApp is a mobile app that enhances the user's ability to manage and utilize their contacts. ContApp will be intelligent and proactive, yet easy to customize and use. Full details about the project will be shared after you are selected to be a part of this project group.
  2. Newstopia: Newstopia is a mobile app that provides its users with an opportunity to be a part of a community of fellow newsreaders. The worldwide community of news readers identify, read, rate and grade the news on a number of parameters. The Newstopia engine uses these community inputs to provide a highly customized, individualized news reading/viewing experience via a host of user-configurable notification presets. Full details about the project will be shared after you are selected to be a part of this project group.
  3. PiVision: This project aspires to pursue our computer vision initiative. An exciting fusion of hardware and software, this project will have numerous use cases. If there are sufficient members wanting to join this group we can possibly have two or more groups within this major group to activate simultaneous work on multiple tracks. A partial list of use cases is provided below:
    • Public place security and temperature scanner
    • Home security/protector box (to defeat porch pirates from stealing packages)
    • Face recognition-based reception desks, identification, and clustering of visitors
    • Face recognition-based attendance, work hour calculation/punching system
    • Face recognition-based token printer for different businesses, voice-enabled for ease of use
    Full details about the project will be shared after you are selected to be a part of this project group.
If you are interested in contributing/developing/learning as a team member on one of these projects, go ahead and provide your details using the link to the form given below. I also encourage you to share your original ideas that may be used for future projects. The form would take just a couple of minutes and you would be through the registration process in no time. Here's the link to the form 👇

Open the form!

*Note: That form link above is outdated, please join our Discord Server first, and take a read at the #rules-info channel for up-to-date steps for joining a project.

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